One of the favourite street food we all enjoy....

Ingredients :

Pav                                 4 nos
Potatoes                         2 nos
Onion                             1 no
Pomegranate pearls         1/2 cup
Corriender leaves            few
Lemon juice                    1 tsp
Peanuts                          3 tbsp
Nylon sev                      1/2 cup

Dabeli masala                  11/2 tsp
Salt                                 To taste
Oil                                  2 tbsp
Butter                             as required to toaste the dabeli

Chutneys :

Red chilli & garlic chutney   1/2 cup
Date &Tamarind chutney     1/2 cup

Method :

1. Boil the potatoes & mash them well.
2. Finely chop oinions, corriender leaves.
3. In a pan take some oil. Add little chopped onion add dabeli masala & saute.
4. Add mashed potatoes & mix well. Now add lemon juice & salt. Mix well.
6. Add the peanuts to the potato mixture.
7. Spread this mixture on a plate evenly & sprinkle pomogranetes pearls all over the mixture.
8. Cut the pav  into  half but not fully. Apply tamarind chutney, red chilli & garlic chutney.
9. Now fill the potato masala, top it with chopped onion, nylon sev & corriender leaves & press lightly.
10. On a hot tava toast the dabeli with butter & serve hot.
11. Enjoy!

Tip : Instead of nylon sev you also use farsan (mixture) it gives dabeli more crunchy taste.

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