Dudhi Ke kofte (Lauki ke kofte, Bottle Gourd ke kofte)

Bottle Gourd is an English name for Dudhi.

Ingredient :

For Koftas

Dudhi (bottle groud) 1 no.
[ You can pick any size small, medium or big. The masala quantity will differ as per portion. Here I have taken 1 medium size dudhi]

Green chillies 4nos (small size chillies)
Corriender leaves 1 tsp
Besan (Gram flour) 1/2 cup
Red chilli powder 1 tspTurmeric powder a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry the koftas

For Gravy

Onions 1 nos (pureed)
Tomato puree 5 nos (pureed)
Ginger/ garlic paste 1 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Chilli powder 1tsp
Corrriender powder 1 tsp
Jeera powder 1 tsp
Garam masala 1/2 tspSalt to taste
Oil 4 tsp
Water as requiredFresh corriender leaves chopped for garnishing.

Method :
For kofta :

1. Remove the skin of dudhi (bottle gourd) and grate the dudhi.
2. Squeeze the grated dudhi to remove the water content. Reserve this water aside for later use.
3. Finely chop corriender leaves & green.
4. In a container take the grate dudhi mix all the masalas and other ingredient and mix well.
5. Now make the small balls for the mixture.
6. Deep fry the balls till golden brown, drain the excess oil from the koftas & keep aside.

Deep Fried Koftas
For Gravy :

1. Make a fine paste of onions & puree the tomatoes.
2. Finely chop corriender leaves, paste ginger/ garlic finely.
3. In a kadhai or pan add jeera to oil and let the jeera crackle. Add ginger / garlic paste. Saute a little.
4. Add onion paste and saute till light brown.
5. Add all the masalas and saute till the masala leaves oil in the sides.
6. Add tomato puree and saute well till it is well cooked & you can smell the aroma.
7. Now add the water squeezed from the dudhi & and also some plain water to get the right consistency.
8. Allow the gravy to boil for some time.
9. Cool it for some time.
10. Before serving add the koftas to the gravy. Garnish with chopped fresh corriender leaves.
11. Serve with chapati.
12. Enjoy !
Tips :
As we boil tomatoes at home to make homemade tomato puree same way you can boil onion. This adds more taste to the preparation.

You can also add grated paneer to the kofta mixture to get the rich taste & to make the dish rich.

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