Veg Club Sandwich

Ingredients :

Bread Slices        6 nos
Veg tikki             2 nos    ( you can follow the recipe of Aloo tikki )

Tomato               1 no (sliced)
Cucumber           1 no (sliced)
Onion                  1 no (sliced)
Capscicum          1 no (sliced)

Green Chutney    1/2 cup
Butter                  1/2 cup
Tomato ketchup   as accompaniment

Method :

1. Toast the bread slices. Take 3 slices per sandwich.
2. Place a tikki on the 1st bread. Place the 2nd slice of the bread on the tikki.
3. On the 2nd slice apply some butter & green chutney.
4. Now arrange all the sliced vegetable & place the 3rd slice of the bread.
5. Now press the sandwich lightly. Cut the sandwich into 2 pieces & serve immediately with ketchup.
6. Enjoy!

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