Vegetable Manchurian

Ingredients :

Cabbage                        1 cup (grated)
Carrots                          1 cup (finely chopped)
Spring onions                 1 cup (chopped)
French beans                  few (finely chopped)
Capsicum                       1/2 cup
Ginger                            1 tsp (finely chopped)
Garlic                             2 florets (chopped)
Green chillis                    4 nos (finely chopped)

Maida (refined flour)       1/4 cup
Cornflour                        1/4cup
Oil                                  for frying

Sauces :

Soya sauce                     3-4 tbsp
Vinegar                          2 tsp
Salt                                to taste.

Method :

1. Finely chop all the vegetables.
2. In a bowl mix all the cut vegetables & reserve some chopped carrots and spring onion for later.
3. To the vegetables add salt and rub in it. Add maida & mix well. This mixture will become moist due to salt & water content in the vegetables. Mix well.
4. Make equal size balls & deep fry them. Keep aside in an absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.
5. In small cup mix some cornflour with water & keep aside.
6. In a pan take some oil. Add ginger, garlic & carrots & soya sauce & immediately add the water.
7. To this now add the cornflour mixture, salt & vinegar. Stir well & allow the sauce to thicken.
8. Once the sauce is thicken allow it to cool a little.
9. Add the fried Manchurians & chopped spring onions. Serve hot.
10. Enjoy!

Tip : Add red chilli flakes if you like to have you Manchurian spicy & hot in taste.

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