Zunka is a Maharastrian dish & very famous in Maharastra, it is accompanied by Bhakri (Maharastrian style bread) but you can also have it with rotis. 

Ingredients :

Onion                         2nos
Tomatoes                   11/2 nos
Besan  (gram flour)      3 tbsp

Chilli powder               1 tsp
Haldi powder               1/2 tsp
Hing (asafotida)            a pinch
Mustard seeds             1//2 tsp
Oil                              1 tbsp
Salt                            to taste

Method :

1. Chop onions & tomatoes in cubes. Not very large but small cubes & not finely chopped.2. In a pan or kadhai heat some oil add mustard seeds allow them to crackle & now add hing.
3. Add onions and saute until onions turn light brown.
4. Add all the masalas & tomatoes and saute until tomatoes are half done. Sprinkle some water & cover it with a lid.
5. Now add salt and besan. Lower the flame of the gas, sprinkle some more water & mix well. Cover the pan and let it cook till the zunka is well cooked.
6. Serve hot with chapati or bhakri.
7. Enjoy!

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