Carrot Salad ( Gajara che Koshimber / Kachumber )

Ingredients :

Carrots                             2 nos ( grated )
Fresh corriender leaves     few
Green Chillis                     1 no
Lemon juice                      2 tsp

Red chilli powder              a pinch
Salt                                   to taste
Sugar                                a pinch

For Tempering :

Oil                                    1 tsp
Mustard seeds                  1/2 tsp
Hing                                  a pinch

Method :

1. In a bowl mix grated carrots, corriender leaves & green chillis.
2. Squeeze the lemon add sugar & salt. Add red chilli powder.
3. For tempering heat some oil in small pan or kadhai & add some mustard seeds.
4. Allow them to crackle & add hing.
5. Pour the tempering on the carrot mix. Mix well.
6. Serve as an accompaniment with the meal.
7. Enjoy!

Tip : You can also add some til to this salad.

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