Pani Puri

Pani Puri is a  very famous dish & favorite street food all over India & enjoyed by all age groups.
It is know by various names like Pani Puri, Golgappa, Gup-chup, Puchka. This dish is originated in Magadh in South Bihar & slowly due to miragtion of people became very famous all over India.
Its a nice spicy & sweet in taste. It is made of 3 important ingredients, Puris, Spicy & sweet water & white vatana or sprouts as filling.

Ingredients :

Puris                                          1 packet
Boondi                                       2-3 tsp (optional)

For pani :

Fresh corriender leaves                1 bunch
Fresh mint leaves (pudina)            1 bunch
Green chillis                                 8-10 nos
lemon juice                                  2 tsp

Panipuri masala                            2tbsp
Mint masala (pudina masala)         1 tsp (optinal)
Black salt                                      1tsp
Salt                                               to taste

For Filling :

White vatana                                1 cup ( boiled)
Mixed sprouts                              1 cup ( boiled)
Boiled potatoes                            2 nos
Salt                                              to taste

 [ You can use any one of the above as filling or combination of mix sprouts & white vatana ]

Method :

For Pani :

1. In blender make a fine paste of corriender leaves, mint leaves & green chillis together.
2. Make a tamarind pulp add jaggery it & mix well. You can also use tamarind & date chutney.
3. In a container take 4 cups of water add panipuri masala, green & tamarind chutney. Add black salt, salt , lemon juice, mint powder & mix well.
4. Add some boodi & mix well.
5. Chill this pani atleast for an hour before serving.

How to make this dish while serving :

1. In plate arrange some puris with the filling aside & fill the pani in a bowl accompanied by spoon.
2. Break the puri in the center, fill it with the filling. Fill  with the pani & relish it
3. Enjoy!

  • Its a nice combination of crisy puri, soft filling & spicy water.
  • In Mumbai mainly white vatana is used as filling know as Ragada which is slightly hot.
  • To add nutritional value with vatana you can use mix sprouts.

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