The technique of making idli was imported from Indonesia and was first  mentioned in kannada writings. During that time (17th century) the idli batter was made by soaking black urad dal in butter milk and then grounded into a fine paste and mixed with clear water of curd and spices. There was no record of rice being added to batter untill then. After few years it was invented that rice helped in good and fast fermentation process. Though the ingredients of making idli changed but the name remained the same Idli.

Idli is one of the famous South Indian dishes in India and enjoyed by all age groups. It is accompanied by Sambhar and coconut chutney. Now-a-days their are variety of dishes made from idli batter. It is mostly served as an breakfast.

Ingredients :

Rice                                     2 cups
White urad dal                     1 cup
Salt                                      to taste
Oil                                       for greasing the idli tray

Method of making idli batter :

1. Soak the urad dal and rice in seprate container overnight.
2. Next day grind them in fine paste and mix them in container together.
3. Add salt and allow it to ferment well atleats upto 9 hours.

Method of making idlis :

1. Once the batter is well fermented its ready to make idlis.
2. Grease the idli tray with oil.
3. Add little batter to all the idli holders in the tray. Do not over fill.
4. Steam the idlis in an idli cooker or pressure cooker without the whistle and let it steam cook for 15-20 minutes.
5. Serve hot with sambhar and coconut chutney.
6. Enjoy!

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