Shrikhand (श्रीखंड)

Shrikhanda or shrikand is one of the popular sweet dish in Maharastrian & Gujrati cuisines. It a must have in gujrati thali & on good or auspicious times in Maharastrian homes. It is made with yogurt which hung for few days in a musline cloth so that water is completely seprated & chakka is made out of it. It is flovourd with cardamon, charoli & kesar. 

It is popularly eaten with plain puris or served as sweet after lunch.

Ingredients :

Chakka                                300 gms
Sugar                                   300 gms
Milk                                     150 ml
Cardamon                            2-3 nos (powdered)
Saffron                                 2 gms
Charoli                                 10 gms

Method :

1. Mix chakka & sugar together. Add milk & mix well.
2. After 3 hours pour this mixture into a clean muslin cloth & rub well.
3. Pour it back into the container or bowl. Put saffron. charoli, cardamon powder.
4. Cool it a little in a refrigarator & serve with puris or just itself.
5. Enjoy!

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