Black Forest Cake

Black forest Gateau or Black Forest cake is an English name for German dessert Black Forest Cherry Torte. Typically Black Forest cake consist of several layers of chocolate cake, whippedcream and cherries between each layer. It is finally decorated with whipped cream, chocolate flakes and cherries.

In this recipe I have also used strawberries instead of cherries as some people do like cherries in the cake and with strawberry it really tastes good.

Ingredients :

Chocolate cake mix 1 packet
( You can use any cake mix Betty Crocker or Duncan Himes or whichever avaiable. I have used Betty Crocker cake mix )

Wipped cream for icing
(I have used ready to use whipped cream)

Cherries 10-15 nos
Strawberries 10-15 nos
Orange or pineapple juice 1/2 cup
Shredded chocolate for garnishing cake

Method :

1. Bake the cake as per the instruction on the manual.
2. Let the cake cool completely.
3. Now cut the upper most hard layer of the cake and keep aside, we will not be using this hard layer.
4. Now the upper layer will look completely flat.
5. Now cut the cake horizontally and divide the cake into two equal layers.
6. Keep upper layer aside.
7. Place the bottom on the main serving plate.
8. With help of spoon spread orange or pineapple juice all over cake little by little. Atleast 8 spoonfull of juice.
9. Spread whipped cream on the top of this layer of cake.
10. Places slices of strawberry or cherry.
11. On this place the upper half of the cake layer.
12. Again spread the juice and now complete the icing all over the cake with wipped cream.
13. Garnish with chocolate flakes and some strawberry or cherry.
14. Keep this cake in the freeze atleast for 3-4 hours to set completely before serving.
15. Enjoy!

Note :
  • If you do not like Cherries you may replace it by using strawberries.
  • Use orange juice in this cake but you can replace it by pineapple juice if you do not have orange juice.


Unknown said...

My favorite one.

ashutosh said...

yummmy ... good job Deepti