Vegetable HotDog

Hotdogs are traditionally made with sausages served inside a bun with mustard and ketchup.
Vegetable hotdog is very easy to make and tastes yummy. Its nutritive too as I have used various vegetable.

Its great for all vegetarians.... and kids will love it too.

This recipe quantity will make 6 hotdogs.

Ingredients :

Hot dog buns 6 nos

For Potato rolls :

Potatoes 3 nos
Carrot 1 no small in size
Green peas 1/2 cup
Green chillis 3 nos
Fresh corriender leaves few finely chopped
Garlic paste 1 tsp

Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Corriender powder 1 tsp
Cumin powder 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tsp

For garnishing :

Capsicum chopped in thin slices
Onions chopped in thin slices
Cabbage chopped in thin slices

Method for making potato rolls :

1. Boil and grate the potatoes. When boiled potatoes are grated mixing spices becomes more easy then by mashing it directly.
2. Chop carrots in small size cubes boil them and keep aside. Boil the peas and mash them a little.
3. Heat oil in pan add green chillis and garlic paste and saute for a minute. Add boiled carrots, peas and mix well.
4. Add all the spices, grated potatoes and mix well.
5. Add salt and corriender leaves and mix well and turn off the gas.

Potato Mixture
6. Divide this potato filling into 6 equal portions.
7. Slowly make them into cylindrical shape just as shown in the below picture.

8. Heat a non stick pan and shallow fry with little oil from all sides till light golden brown in colour.

9. Once all potato rolls are ready keep them aside.

10. Placing of potato roll and veggies :

Take a hotdog bun open it and apply little butter if you like, place slices of onion then place slices of capsicum. Now place the the potato roll. On this spread the shredded cabbage.

12. Serve with tomato ketchup and potato chips or french fries.
13. Enjoy!

Tips :

  • To add more colour and to make it more nutritious add shredded carrot, beetroot.
  • In this recipe i have not used mustard sauce but you can spread some mustard sauce and tomato ketchup on top of the veggie hotdog. I have served tomato ketchup aside.
  • You can also roast or grill the hotdog bun and then place all the stuffing.


Priya Suresh said...

Omg, feel like grabbing that irresistible hotdog and having rite now,yumm!

Unknown said...

That is an absolutely amazing idea dear, love it that we don't get left out :)

Rohit said...

cool.. finally one that goes for veggies.. would definitely try and post feedback..

Unknown said...

Thanks :)
I am glad you all liked it... keep coming for more recipes :)