Suke Gulab Jamun / Dry Gulab Jamun

Suke Gulab Jamun / Dry Gulab Jamun tastes delicious, and another variety of gulab jamun. They are soaked in sugar syrup and later drained from the syrup. Easy to eat with no mess of the syrup.

Ingredients :

I have used Gits Instant Gulab Jamun packet to make it quick. You can use basic ingredients to make gulab jamun.

  • 1 packed gits gulab jamun
  • 3 tbsp granulated sugar or crystal sugar
  • Almond and pistachios for garnishing

Method :

1. If you are using Gits Gulab Jamun mix follow the instructions for making the jamuns. Make oval shape of the jamuns. This shape gives it a nice look.
2. If you are using basic ingredients follow your recipe.
3. Soak the jamuns in sugar syrup over night.
4. Before serving, drain the sugar syrup completely. Atleast 2 hours prior.
5. In plate take sugar and coat the jamun completely in sugar. Do the same for all jamuns.
6. Arrange them on a plate.
7. Cut the almond into half and make julienne of pistachio.
8. Slowly insert the almond in the center and place the pistachios beside the almond.
9. Once done refrigerate them. Remove just before serving.
10. Enjoy!