Aap ki Rasoi Se : Rawa Kheer / Semolina Kheer - Recipe From Devika Kulkarni

Ingredients :

1. 4 1/2 tbsp sugar
2. 4 tbsp rawa
3. Cardamom powder
4.  2 1/2 cup milk
5. Dry fruits-raisin,cashews flakes n almond flakes

Method :

1. Keep milk to boil.
2. After the milk comes to boil add rawa. ( fry rawa untill light pink in ghee then add to the milk OR add rawa directly to milk without frying)
3. Also add cardamom powder .
4. Keep stirring to cook the rawa in milk.
5. Add dry fruits as you see the milk getting thicker and rawa is almost cooked.
6. Add sugar and stir.
7. Its ready to serve.
8. Enjoy!

I have given a generalized measure for ingredients...one can adjust it according to one's taste..as sizes of cups and spoons will be different.

Recipe by Devika Kulkarni.


Unknown said...

awesome taste just loved it..!!

Unknown said...

Thankyou Ashish for visiting my blog.
I appreciate your feedback.
I am glad you liked the recipe from my blog.

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